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Remember me? I used to submit all those requests for Accenture team members. We changed our reimbursement policy way back and had to find an alternate travel solution but still miss working and emailing you.

I am still working at The Hartford Insurance Company for Accenture. As you probably know Premier runs the shuttle service.

I’m writing about someone special. It’s nice when you run into someone who does their job very well, it boosts spirits and sets a great example. Rarer, is when someone transforms their job into something very special. Last night, I was walking to the shuttle with some colleagues and they sped up to catch the shuttle. They told me they love riding with the driver because he’s such a good person. When we got on, I told the driver we were just talking about him and how much we appreciate him and how he boosts everyone’s spirits.

The other people on the shuttle laughed. They said, they were just telling him the same thing.

In short, I’d like to let you know, on behalf of everyone on that bus (I was designated to write the email), we all very much appreciate Mr. Moss and his classy, friendly style. His work style boosts sprits during a very dull time of the day and reminds us that it’s not just what we do but how we do it that has an impact on the World. I ask that you please forward this to your management team.

Thank you for Mr. E.J. Moss,

Rob Skiles
Accenture - The Hartford

Dear Sir/Madame,

By way of this letter and on behalf of the Driver Recognition Program, I wish to recognize your employees for outstanding efforts in helping to reduce idling, improve public health, protect the environment, and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors to the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan regions for the month of April.

Your employees have been nominated based on responsiveness to the Diesel Idle Reduction Campaign, abiding by the idling laws, and supporting positive behavior change among fellow colleagues. After careful review of other nominees, we have identified your Employees as the finalists who will be eligible for the monthly program award drawing.

We would be grateful if this recognition of your Driver's efforts were made known to them. We are truly pleased by your Drivers's efforts in this matter and we look forward to your company's continued involvement in this important campaign and to be working with you in the future.


Eulois Cleckley
Manager, Motor Carrier Division
District Department of Transportation

Cecily Beall
Associate Director, Air Quality Division
District Department of the Environment

Marcia Ways
Program Manager, Mobile Sources Control Program
Maryland Department of the Environment

I wanted to personally thank you for doing a great job on the Sachem High School move. You and your colleagues are gentlemen and extremely professional. We don't often get to see the kind of "customer comes first" attitude you and the other drivers demonstrated. You helped to make us look good and for that I am appreciative. It was a pleasure being on tour with you. You are a wonderful reflection on Premier Bus and Bob & Terri can be very proud of your work.

Have a great summer.
With warmest regards,
Marvin Gerber

Good Afternoon, I am writing to tell Premier Limo of my exceptional experience with the service of your Driver John (I do not have his last name). However, He drove myself and 15 other family & friends to Bradley airport on Friday 4/29/2011 at 4:45am. On our return ride from Bayonne NJ on Sunday May 8th at 11am he was waiting for us which after a long trip was a relief. John was respectful, helpful and professional. He helped my elderly aunt with her luggage. He knew directions, exits, terminals everything. I think when someone goes above and beyond their job, they should be recognized by their professional performance. He was extremely helpful when I misplaced my camera. He took the extra time to help me find it. I wished I had gotten his last name, however you can track him down by the schedule of our trip and use of your vehicle. On behalf of the entire group of 16 people we want to Thank John for his resepectful and professional ride, which made our vacation even better than it was. Thank you John!!! We would love to use Premier service again in hopes John will be our driver.

Thank you again,

Last week, I helped to lead a trip of 8th grade girls from the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT, to Washington DC. We took a Premier Coach Bus to Washington, and it was driven by Orlando. I want to make sure that Orlando is recognized for his work on this trip. It is the 3rd year I've led this trip, and he is by far the best driver we have had. He was funny and light-hearted - the girls immediately enjoyed having him as the driver - and he was very professional about his job. His first priority was always the safety of the students, and he understood that he was there to drive us where we needed to go. I enjoyed many conversations with Orlando - we talked about baseball and about Connecticut, our careers and much more. It was a wonderful experience having Orlando as our driver, and any group that has him at the wheel will be very lucky! You are very lucky to have him as a driver for your fleet of coach buses!


Dear Tim,

I have been asking motorcoach operators for perhaps a dozen years why they couldn't equip their busses with seatbelts, and I had begun to think this was an unattainable goal until I saw the announcement recently that four of your coaches now have them (and three more are on order). I cannot tell you how pleased I was to have seen this, and I can assure you now that we will not use another company, even at a lower cost, in your service area without seatbelts. We have been extremely happy with your drivers and your charter equipment and your administrative support, and for the safety of the students on our educational tours, this is icing on the cake! Congratulations.

J. Michael Donovan

We have been very, very pleased, since finding Premier Limousine three years ago, not only with the competent and businesslike customer service, but also with the consistently high quality of the charter equipment and, last but not least, the professionalism of the drivers, who can make all the difference. We are recommending Premier to all of our clients in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, of course, as well a large pickup region in such far-flung places as Long Island, Northern New Jersey and Vermont.


Dear Wayne,

I wanted to take the time to write you a note about the outstanding job Terri Mason did in assisting me with the transportation plans for my wedding. I was arranging transportation for 30 people over the course of an entire day and as you can imagine this involved a lot of details. Terri was so helpful and pleasant during the entire process. I'm sure I drove her nuts with all the calls and changes I made during the 3 months of planning, however she always sounded happy to hear from me and consistently assured me that all of my requests would be taken care of. She even started recognizing my phone number when I would call her - she offered exceptional personalized service and should be commended for her professionalism. From a customer's point of view, Terri is an invaluable employee that truly offers concierge service. This is coming from someone who has been managing Customer Service Departments for 25yrs. Everything went PERFECTLY according to plan which amazed me!!

Sue Rogers

Dear Wayne,

On behalf of the Crisis Event Response Team here at Aetna, I want to extend our sincere appreciation for your participation in our Crisis Event Simulation exercise that took place on our Hartford campus on November 30, 2010.

Although this was a "simulation" event, the fact that Premier actually dispatched motor coach vehicles to the State Armory within 1 hour of initial contact, shows that not only are you able to get the job done, but you get it done quickly and efficiently as well. Had this been a true emergency situation, Aetna can always take comfort in knowing that our preferred ground transportation vendor stands ready to service us immediately.

Please extend our sincere appreciation to all of your staff that participated in the event and again, we thank you for being a true "partner" in travel for Aetna.

Very truly yours,

Annette C
Executive Travel Consultant
Aetna Crisis Event Response Team


It was flawless. The buses were spotless and modern, the drivers were friendly and prompt, and our folks had a great time. No issues whatsoever. Thanks for checking it out for me!

Northeast Utilities

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